debut album

the debut album is now finished and we are planning the release for early 2022 on vinyl, CD and all digital formats. it will be called simply, 'wor_kspace'.  there are two singles planned between now and then so make sure…



I have recently started a new podcast with Gareth Perrie. On it we basically chat about our musical and other experiences and occasionally interview interesting people. It's called 'The Scottish Indie Music Podcast'. It's a bit of fun and could…

wor_kspace 2021

happy new year!

I have to say, 2020 has not been all bad for me, although it's had its ups and downs.  I know it has been dreadful for many, but without lockdown, I doubt whether work_space would ever have…

wor_kspace teeshirts

Wor_kspace teeshirts are here!  Get this classic design now so that in 20 years time, when they're selling them in Primark to people who don't know who or what 'wor_kspace' is, you can proudly boast that you got them from…


leave a coin in the ashtray for the ring

I thought I would talk about that line from 'weekend' which comes near the end of the song. I planned to propose to my wife whilst on a short trip to play in Norway with BMX Bandits a few years…


about weekend

The title comes from the name of an 80s band called 'weekend' who were associated with Young Marble Giants. No? Anyway, they were great and check out my bandcamp description if you want more info on that.

The vocal sample…


debut single

The debut single from wor_kspace is called 'weekend' and is out on Bandcamp on Friday 28th August and on all other streaming services on Friday 11th September, 2020.